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Dsc - Discussion: we discuss some topic/concept
Agr - Agreed-upon: announcements or messages with a vote cast in some way
Cmp - Compilation: someone compiling a list of some sorts
Nco - Announcement: made by either managers or other members, w/ or w/o pings.
[here] - Hover over these to see additional info.
[CANON] - Game-related stuff that's canon and will be present in the final game.

08.26.20 [N/A] - The beginning of AnonDev, and its Discord Server.
08.26.20 [Dsc] - The game's protagonist was named Ava Charlotte Daniels.
08.26.20 [Dsc] - C--- and P--- start work on early concept art for Ava.
08.26.20 [Nco] - X--- unveils the first rendition of pre-alpha VN on Ren'Py.
08.26.20 [Dsc] - School atmosphere and environment has been set to anime/Ghibli-style. [CANON]
08.27.20 [Agr] - H--- suggests naming the game "The Worst of the Best", which was unanimously accepted.
08.27.20 [Nco] - Switched game engines, from Ren'py 6.7 to Godot 3.1.
08.27.20 [Dsc] - Game shall no longer be a VN, but rather a 3d third-person RPG. [CANON]
08.28.20 [Dsc] - Initial ideas for characters and rivals were made. Refer to #concept-character for more info.
08.28.20 [Dsc] - After some discussion, the Love Interest's name has been changed from Valentine to Charlie [CANON].
08.29.20 [Dsc] - After others have made their own google docs, T--- creates the main google doc, and unites all existing ones to it.
08.29.20 [Nco] - S--- gathers uniform designs drawn by the artists, and puts them up for voting.
08.30.20 [Agr] - T---'s uniform design wins in this vote, and so became the uniform design for 6 months.
08.31.20 [Nco] - N--- has resigned.
09.01.20 [N/A] - X--- begins work on the first version of 3d character models.
09.06.20 [Nco] - The game's protagonist, Ava has been renamed to Annabelle Hansen. [CANON]
09.11.20 [Nco] - A--- and M--- have joined the team.
09.13.20 [Nco] - I--- has resigned.
10.11.20 [Nco] - C--- unveils the concept art for Anna. [CANON]
10.13.20 [Nco] - The first rendition of the 3d models are complete, but were replaced 2 months later.
10.18.20 [Nco] - C--- unveils the concept art for Charlie. [CANON]
10.31.20 [Dsc] - X--- brings up the idea of making the NPC and other students look bland, compared to the main characters. [CANON]
12.12.20 [Nco] - X--- becomes sub-manager, and immediately starts a sever cleanup.
12.12.20 [Dsc] - A---, E---, and T--- start discussions on the game's student council, roommates, and other mechanics.
12.12.20 [Cmp] - T--- compiles a list of all topics discussed on that day. [here]
12.16.20 [Nco] - X--- unveils newer 3d character models (after 2 days of working on them), succeeding over the old models. [CANON]
12.23.20 [Nco] - X--- starts second server cleanup.
12.26.20 [Dsc] - A first draft of the game's tutorial was written by X---, replaced 4 months later. [here]
01.10.21 [N/A] - A--- becomes sub-manager (exact date unknown).
01.10.21 [Cmp] - Discussions were started by A---, E---, H---, and X--- regarding Esme, and the rivals in general. [here]
01.10.21 [Agr] - Rival count has been finalized to be just five, instead of the initially planned 10. [CANON]
01.31.21 [Agr] - Charlie is no longer a gender-bend of Anna, and thus the feature of a genderbent plot was removed. [CANON]
01.31.21 [Dsc] - X--- deicdes the temporary placeholder name for the school, Ironwood Academy.
02.09.21 [Nco] - E--- draws a newer concept art for the female uniform, succeeding over the old one. [CANON]
02.10.21 [Nco] - T--- has resigned, and their ownership of the game's google doc was transferred to X---.
02.15.21 [Nco] - Game development website was announced.
02.15.21 [N/A] - Following this, the old system of using Google Docs for documenting gamedev progress has been declared obsolete.
03.10.21 [Nco] - After a surge of viewers, the gamedev website is shut off from public access permanently, for privacy and security concerns.
03.13.21 [Dsc] - X--- and E--- bring up the idea of breaking the entire game environment into 2 places: School Campus, and Town.
03.14.21 [Dsc] - E--- draws an initial sketch of the male uniform.
03.16.21 [Dsc] - X--- brings up the idea of using Zernez, a village in Switzerland, as basis for the game's environment. [CANON]
03.20.21 [Dsc] - E--- discussed that on the final game, Anna's casual wear will be based on the current rival. [CANON]
04.13.21 [Agr] - The concept of murder has been removed from the game.
04.13.21 [Cmp] - Following this announcement, here are the list of benefits that removing the murder feature provided. [here]
04.19.21 [Dsc] - Discussions on Anna's casual attire and school uniform, with X--- editing the female uniform into its current form.
04.22.21 [Dsc] - X--- makes the first storyboard sketch of what the intro cutscene would look like.
04.27.21 [Agr] - Dialogue in the game now makes no impact on the core gameplay, thereby removing the concept of branching storylines.
05.03.21 [Dsc] - X--- writes another draft for the game's tutorial, succeeding over the previous one. [here] [CANON]
05.03.21 [Cmp] - E--- compiles all current and previous discussions as to why Anna holds dear to Charlie's gift headband. [here] [CANON]
05.04.21 [Nco] - The concept of Character Customization is removed.
05.06.21 [Agr] - Switched game engines, from Godot 3.2 to Unity 2021.6.
05.16.21 [Nco] - Game development roadmap has been unveiled.
05.22.21 [Cmp] - P--- becomes active after months of inactivity, and E--- made this list as a refresher for him. [here] [here]
05.22.21 [Dsc] - Discussions were made by X---, E---, and S--- over the gay rival.
05.24.21 [Dsc] - An initial placeholder name was given to Diva Rival. It was Dianne Castillero.
05.31.21 [Dsc] - H--- brings back topic of NPC students having a range of colors for their hair.
05.31.21 [N/A] - Logging notices from current and past discord chats were started.
06.03.21 [N/A] - First phase of logging past development chats was ended.
06.14.21 [Cmp] - E--- and X--- discuss about Charlie's reasons for leaving Anna in the first place, along with in-game interactions. [here]
06.20.21 [Dsc] - X--- puts out an idea that maybe Charlie was forced by his parents throughout his childhood years to never talk with Anna.
07.06.21 [Nco] - Switched game engines, from Unity 2021.6 to Unreal Engine 4.26.
07.06.21 [Cmp] - X--- compiles a list of the concept character called Wendy. [here]
07.06.21 [N/A] - K--- returns after months of inactivity, and after some catching-up, whips out some concept art that have some use/value in illustration.
07.12.21 [Nco] - P--- wrote the first draft for the gay rival, which was named "Zachary". Go to the Rivals page for more info.
08.02.21 [N/A] - X--- updates the Rivals page, adding a new part in the list called "Other Info", and updating the rival entries.
08.05.21 [N/A] - M--- has resigned (exact date unknown).
08.05.21 [Nco] - Dev-logs was updated, relating to privacy. [here]

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